Free Download Warlords I + II

Free Download Warlords I + II

Warlords I + II bundle contains Warlords and Warlords II Deluxe!


Warlords is a huge, eight player strategy game of empires, castles, armies, heroes, monsters and dragons.

In the fabled land of Illuria, an unconvincing peace treaty has just expired. Now, eight mighty empires content in a ruthless struggle for supreme power.
Only one will prevail…

Warlords II Deluxe

Warlords II Deluxe is the ultimate fantasy/strategy game, where a cut-throat struggle for survival is played out on a grand scale!

Brave heroes, mighty, armies, quests, diplomacy and magic are all employed to overwhelm your enemies and dominate the world!

Warlords II Deluxe features brilliant SVGA graphics, superb sound and 60 created worlds to fight over – as well as an infinite number of random worlds!

Throwback Thursday Recommendation

Every Thursday, we share the earnest reasons that make a classic game so dear to us!

Recommended by Michal, Content Marketing Specialist at GOG: If there exists a classic strategy game that can compete with the Heroes of Might and Magic series in terms of hot seat fun – it must be Warlords. And since I started my adventure with gaming on Amiga 600 in the early 90-ties, Warlords was actually the title to tackle if you wanted to play an exciting strategy game against your friends in a turn-based strategy duel.

The game has a classic fantasy setting, obviously inspired by Lord of the Rings books, and 8 playable factions, each with its unique units. Your mission is to conquer all cities on the map or at least pound enemies’ armies so hard they’ll sue for peace. What made Warlords stand out is the fact that you could recruit heroes to command your units. Heroes were also able to explore various ruins present on the map in search of treasures and monstrous allies that could join their army, giving every playthrough a classic RPG flavor.

The success of Warlords in 1990 paved the road for various sequels, including both turn-based and real-time strategies, most of them available on GOG.COM. The cool addition to Warlords II was a level editor that gave birth to a whole stream of fan-created content that you can admire in Warlords II Deluxe.

All in all, I highly recommend playing the Warlords series, especially if you love turn-based games and want to experience a huge dose of nostalgia!

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