Free Download Terraforming Mars – Hellas & Elysium

Free Download Terraforming Mars – Hellas & Elysium

Explore the other face of Mars through two additional maps, each with their own specificities and strategies, thanks to the Hellas & Elysium DLC. The taming of the Red Planet continues!

Discover the astonishing Elysium and the other face of Mars, peppered with some highly valuable placement bonuses. A great deal of them is situated on Olympus Mons and other similar volcanic sites. Grab them quickly or risk losing these spots forever.

Hellas brings you to the Hellas Sea and the South Pole. Play around the two new placement bonuses on the map. The first yields heat while the other gives the player an ocean tile in exchange for 6 Megacredits. Such great deal comes only once however.

Each map also changes the Awards and Milestones present in Terraforming Mars. From the Space Baron award and Polar Explorer milestone of Hellas to the unique Estate dealer tile objective of Elysium, be prepared to seize new strategic opportunities!

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