Free Download Terraformers

Free Download Terraformers

• Explore the Red Planet

Send your leaders to mysterious locations and be the first to discover rich resource depots, giant crystal caves and stunning natural wonders.

• Develop your cities

Found new cities on craters and in lava Tubes. Make them thrive and meet your population’s rising demands.

• Manage your resources

Mine the rare metals of Mars, manufacture them into advanced goods and set up an effective transport system between your ever-growing cities.

• Terraform with ambitious projects

Restart a volcano, construct giant space mirrors or crash ice asteroids to geo-engineer the entire planet.

• Become a gardener of life

From spreading adaptive bacteria, to planting full-grown forests with bears. Each life form has specific requirements and provides strategic benefits.

• Join the Terraforming!

By making this game, we hope to inspire humankind to take its first steps out of the cradle and become an interplanetary species, starting with Mars! Do you want to join the terraforming movement, get updates about the game development, chat with us, and be the first to be considered for the closed alpha? Then join our Discord server!

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