Free Download Sunless Skies Soundtrack

Free Download Sunless Skies Soundtrack

Haunting music from SUNLESS SKIES, the Gothic Horror RPG.

Track Listing

1. The High Wilderness
2. Star-Maddened Skies
3. Dead Tick Tock Time
4. Allbeyond Skai
5. Of the Captain’s Making
6. Venture Past the Boneyard
7. Outer Regions Ever in Fog
8. Covert Victorian Underwater Piano
9. FreeDive
10. Gravely Obscura
11. The Pastoral Diversion
12. TerraNoya Travels
13. Forlorn Prison
14. Continuum of the Dead
15. Murky Shapes Emergent
16. The Forge TimeSpace
17. Uncertain Embrace
18. London Albion Lights

Original Music Composed and Produced by Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman for Mickymar Productions Ltd.
Programming, album engineering and mixing by Brent Barkman
Mastering and Additional Engineering by Paul Talbott
Additional Music: Micky Erbe

Keyboards: Brent Barkman
Additional Piano: Maribeth Solomon

Violin: Lenny Solomon
Cello: Wendy Solomon
Vocals: Leah Erbe

Soundtrack Executive Produced by Maribeth Solomon for Mickymar Productions Ltd.
Executive Consulting Producer: Micky Erbe

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