Free Download Harvester

Free Download Harvester

Please be advised that the game contains disturbing imagery and should not be played by minors.

“People are strange when you’re a stranger.” – Jim Morrison, The Doors.

Welcome to Harvest. It’s a quiet little town with eccentric locals and traditional family values. Life moves at a slower pace in quiet Harvest without the hustle and bustle like you’d get in the big city. Don’t forget to attend the annual PTA Bake Sale and keep in mind that the blood drive is mandatory.

Harvester is one of the most controversial horror games of its time with a classic point-and-click interface and tons of interesting puzzles. You’ll play as the amnesiac Steve (who is such a kidder!) as you try to figure out why you should join the Order of the Harvest Moon and discover the horror that lurks just beneath Harvest’s small-town veneer. Meet some of the strangest characters to ever grace the computer screen–such as Mr. Pottsdam who really, really loves red meat or Colonel Monroe who guards the nuclear missile base and holds The Button. Harvest is a lovely town and the locals aim to keep it that way, no matter the cost…

  • Play Harvester the way it was meant to be played: completely uncensored!
  • Written and directed by Gilbert P. Austin of Wing Commander and Strike Commander fame!
  • Perform random acts of sabotage, blackmail, murder, evidence tampering, and many more innocent pranks!
  • Meet characters that defy categorization due to their rather unique personalities!

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