Free Download GONNER2 Soundtrack

Free Download GONNER2 Soundtrack

I present to you the soundtrack of GONNER2, masterfully crafted by Joar “Regular Graphics” Renolen with additional samples by Martin “Huggy Bear” Kvale.

This electronic masterpiece is filled to the brim with atmosphere and character. It’s a soundscape composed of so many heavy grooves, piano plucks and throbbing baselines you’ll wonder how it’s even possible for your brain to process all these frequencies being projected into your ear sockets. Well, don’t look at me, I’m no audiologist!
Cover art by Niklas “El Huervo” Åkerblad


  1. [2:07] Welkom
  2. [3:53] Pool Party
  3. [3:53] Cave Rave
  4. [1:48] Granny Deaths Lair
  5. [2:26] Squid Lord
  6. [4:09] Chicken Leg Jam
  7. [2:39] Blast From the Past
  8. [3:07] Great Piles of Trash
  9. [1:40] Fugl
  10. [4:55] Gut Garden
  11. [4:17] Tolu Mata
  12. [3:12] The Granny Exorcism
  13. [3:36] The Gut Lord
  14. [3:42] Victory Strut
  15. [3:05] Porto Geese Tea
  16. [2:54] Porto Geese Void
  17. [4:20] Blommor Och Fågel Hejdå

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