Free Download Farlanders Prologue

Free Download Farlanders Prologue

Puzzle, strategize, and manage your resources in this Prologue to Farlander, for now you have the safety of earth’s atmosphere as you learn what it takes to be the best colony in the ever competitive market. But before you can be trusted with the lives of colonists you must first prove your worth here on earth.

Main Features:

Puzzle-like terraforming system

Use a turn to select one “terraforming kit” to shape the landscape and get it ready for your colony. Place a water drop title in a canyon to create a water source and any flat land around it will become fertile soil. Raise canyons to create flatland so that it can become fertile soil or be built on. Raise mountains so that turbines can be placed near by to create electricity.

The only catch is your terraforming kits are preset in various shapes. A kit might have two water drop tiles and one that lower the terrain. This might give you water in one spot and a canyon where you wanted to build. The player must carefully place tiles to mitigate any downsides.


Create the habitat for your settlers by placing necessary buildings for their survival, like farms, water pumps, wind turbines, and more. Build factories to supply your colony and have entertainment centers to keep your colony the premiere place to live.

Procedural map generation

Each new game will feel completely different with procedural map generation, yet still customizable to meet your desired level of challenge.

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