Free Download Black Book – Endless Battles

Free Download Black Book – Endless Battles

The Endless Battles mode is a challenge to your tactical and strategical ability. Help Vasilisa reach the depths of Hell and face Evil itself, in just three days. There are a few paths down below, however, all changing during the night. Your journey will not be easy…and full of combat.

  • Battle against foes of all kinds

    Develop strategies to defeat minions and bosses alike

  • Plot your journey well

    Take one of the several branching paths towards your end goal and prepare accordingly

  • Build your card deck

    Earn new cards and enhance your offense and defense card deck

  • Collect trinkets for your character

    You will need every advantage possible to succeed on her journey, and trinkets will aid you greatly with this

  • Unlock new powers

    Spend experience on unlocking new abilities, cards, and powers

The descent into the pitch-black darkness of Hell begins now!

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